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About the brand

Soul Bloom is more than a floral brand; it’s a heartfelt commitment to creating moments of joy and promoting botanical beauty. As a premier brand, Soul Bloom is known for its transformative “bloom effect” in people’s lives. Their mission is clear: to provide customers with top-quality floral arrangements and service. What sets Soul Bloom apart is its dedication to the community, contributing 5% of every purchase to meaningful causes. Their niche lies in crafting truly custom arrangements for high-end clients. Founded on the belief that flowers possess an intellectual energy that brings joy in all circumstances, Soul Bloom creates compositions that leave lasting legacies. They are motivated daily by the power of flowers to bring life and comfort, and their clients can expect complete satisfaction and happiness when choosing Soul Bloom for their floral needs.

VISION: To be a premier brand soulfully known for creating a bloom effect in people, and promoting botanical beauty to the world with our identity and values.

MISSION: Soul Bloom’s mission is to provide our customers with high quality floral arrangements and service.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY: We will act with utmost integrity, and complete each customer/client order in a fair, honest, respectful, responsible, and trustworthy manner.

Project Objective

My primary objective for the Soul Bloom Brand Identity project was to create a captivating and meaningful visual identity that embodies the essence of the brand, resonates with the target audience, and reflects the founder’s commitment to social and economic justice. Through a comprehensive brand identity package, marketing materials, social media assets, and a professionally designed website. The. goal was to establish Soul Bloom as a premier floral brand known for its soulful elegance, transformative impact, and dedication to community engagement.


Concept 1: Clients Pick

Timeless Elegance

In the first logo concept, an air of timeless elegance takes center stage. The choice of a sophisticated and graceful serif typeface, characterized by its delicate curves and light weight, exudes a classic and refined aura. This classic typeface sets the stage for a brand that values tradition and sophistication. Integrated into the logo marks are simplistic floral illustrations, serving as gentle accents that enhance the sense of beauty and grace. The overall design aims to create an impression of sophistication, capturing the essence of Soul Bloom’s dedication to delivering elegance and enduring charm through every arrangement. It’s a concept that speaks to tradition and elegance, embodying the soul of the brand in a truly timeless manner.

Classic Beauty:
Reflects a timeless and enduring sense of beauty.

Sophistication: Conveys refinement, taste, and elegance.

Tradition: Celebrates the artistry and heritage of floral design.

Elegance: Exudes an air of grace, charm, and sophistication.

Timelessness: Captures a sense of enduring appeal and lasting beauty.

The design instills a sense of calm and tranquility.
Refined: Demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Graceful: Embodies poise and beauty in its simplicity.
Sensual: Elicits an emotional response through its aesthetic appeal.

Nostalgic: Evokes a feeling of cherished memories and timeless moments.

These themes and attributes align with the concept’s focus on creating a logo that exudes a sense of timeless elegance and classic beauty, reflecting Soul Bloom’s commitment to delivering arrangements that stand the test of time.






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Concept 2


In the second logo concept, we elevate the sense of vibrancy while maintaining a firm grip on sophistication and classic elegance. Here, a slightly thicker serif typeface takes center stage, characterized by its bold, elaborate curves, and an overall sense of bolder presence. This typeface infuses the concept with a vibrant and chic energy, adding a touch of contemporary appeal while retaining a strong connection to tradition. The design maintains a sense of classic elegance, echoing the enduring charm that Soul Bloom is known for. It’s a concept that strikes a harmonious balance between the lively, the chic, and the timeless, offering a unique blend that speaks to a dynamic and diverse audience.


Modern Chic: Embraces a stylish and fashionable aesthetic.
Bold Elegance: Blends a sense of sophistication with a confident, contemporary flair.
Timeless Modernity: Reflects a classic foundation infused with modern elements.
Dynamic Grace: Combines fluidity and poise in a contemporary context.



Bold Curves: Demonstrates strong, elaborate design elements. Chic Flourish: Adds a touch of modern, stylish decoration.

Confident: Exudes self-assuredness and sophistication.Lively Sophistication: Captures a vibrant yet refined energy.





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