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About the campaign

Ayiti Kapab is not just a campaign; it’s a bold and inspiring movement with a singular mission—to rebuild, revitalize, and empower Haiti through sustainable agriculture. In a nation that has faced its fair share of challenges, this campaign emerges as a beacon of hope, firmly rooted in the belief that Haiti has the potential to feed itself once more. With unwavering determination, “Ayiti Kapab” seeks to harness the rich agricultural heritage of Haiti, nurturing it into a flourishing future. It’s a call to action, an invitation for communities to come together and cultivate change. Through innovative approaches, community engagement, and a deep respect for the environment, this campaign aims to empower local farmers, foster food security, and breathe life back into Haiti’s fields. “Ayiti Kapab” isn’t just about growing crops; it’s about sowing the seeds of resilience, self-sufficiency, and prosperity for Haiti and its people. Together, we believe that Haiti can, and will, rise to the challenge because, indeed, “Ayiti Kapab” – Haiti can do it.

Creole Inc., the parent organization of the “Ayiti Kapab” campaign, is dedicated to revitalizing Haiti’s agricultural capacity. Through sustainable agricultural initiatives, they aim to empower local communities and create self-sufficiency in food production. Central to their mission is an efficient, semi-mechanized farm that serves as a model training center for farmers in the region. They also engage in aquaculture, providing jobs and access to fish and fish food for the community. Creole Inc. values partnerships with local organizations, focusing on infrastructure development, sustainable solutions, leadership development, and community connectivity to advance Haiti’s agricultural future. The “Ayiti Kapab” campaign is a significant step toward achieving this vision and fostering a more sustainable Haiti.

Project Objective

As the designer for the “Ayiti Kapab” campaign, my objective was to create a compelling and visually captivating brand identity that effectively communicated the mission and values of Creole Inc. I aimed to craft a logo and accompanying visual assets that resonated with the campaign’s goal of revitalizing Haiti’s agricultural capacity and promoting sustainable farming practices. Through my designs, I strived to convey the essence of growth, hope, and community empowerment, encapsulating the spirit of “Ayiti Kapab.” My goal was to provide Creole Inc. with logo concepts that inspired and engaged their target audience while reinforcing their commitment to building a brighter and more sustainable future for Haiti through agriculture.



Concept 2:

The second logo concept is a representation of the Haitian landscape and its connection to sustainable agriculture.
In this design, the outline of the island of Haiti is divided into four distinct sections, each telling a unique story. At the top, a radiant sun symbolizes the abundance of sunlight that blesses the island, crucial for thriving crops. In the middle section, a simple depiction of a tree and a small house captures the essence of rural life and the heart of agricultural communities. Curved lines represent the majestic mountains that grace Haiti’s terrain, emphasizing the importance of preserving these natural resources. The third section features gentle waves, symbolizing the vital role of water in agriculture and life itself. Finally, the fourth section consists of clean lines representing the land, signifying the potential for growth and development. This logo concept beautifully encapsulates the holistic vision of “Ayiti Kapab,” showcasing the harmony between Haiti’s natural environment and its capacity for sustainable farming.

Concept 1:

The first logo concept for draws its inspiration from the organic essence of farming. I’ve incorporated a handwritten-style font that exudes a natural, handcrafted feel. The font itself is carefully designed to resemble the curving, flowing lines and shapes found in nature, reinforcing the campaign’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. Within the lettering, the shovel is crafted from leaves, seamlessly blending the elements of agriculture with nature.

This logo concept not only symbolizes the campaign’s mission to rejuvenate Haiti’s agricultural capacity but also communicates its deep connection to the environment, emphasizing the idea that the land can once again flourish and sustain the people of Haiti through sustainable farming practices.

Concept 3:

The third logo concept draws its inspiration from the iconic and vibrant “TapTap” vehicles of Haiti. These eye-catching cars are a symbol of the country’s culture and artistic expression. In this design, I’ve taken the front view of a farm truck, capturing the essence of mobility and agricultural transportation. The back of the truck is created using letters that spell out the campaign’s name, “Ayiti Kapab,” blending typography and imagery seamlessly. This logo concept not only pays homage to the distinctive and colorful TapTap vehicles but also symbolizes the campaign’s mission to drive progress and transformation in Haiti’s agricultural sector. It serves as a dynamic and visually captivating representation of the campaign’s energy and determination to empower Haiti to feed itself once more.








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